Masonry Solutions in Toronto

Toronto Masonry Contractor

Give your home a timeless look with new masonry from Colt Contracting. We specialize in all types of masonry products including chimneys, walls, home renovations, walkways and pavers. Our skilled Toronto renovation contractors can build any type of masonry structure inside or outside your home to your exact specifications. Nothing beats the style and design of natural brick and stone. We use the highest quality materials manufactured by reputable companies that you trust. This insures that you get a stone product that will last for many years to come. Contact us today, and let us help you launch your next masonry project.

Chimneys For Your Home Interior

Create lasting memories with your friends and family by gathering around a newly built chimney. By adding a chimney to your home you increase it’s value and totally transform an average bedroom, living room, or den into an elegant room atmosphere where everyone will want to spend time. In addition to it’s elegant qualities, chimneys also provide heat that can fill up an entire room and help keep your heating bills low every winter. We can custom design your chimney from the ground up to match your room’s current style. You pick out the stone, tell us how you want it to look, and we’ll do the rest.

Creative Walkway Designs

With walkways the options are endless. Attractive stone walkways with lush designs accent any yard and can be built as small or large as you desire. You can choose from natural stones of all shapes, sizes, and shades or lay down beautiful brick walkways across your entire landscape. We can build walkways anywhere in around your yard and them installed in no time at all. Stone walkways are durable, easy to install, easy to maintain and clean, and provide a natural addition to the plant life and greenery around your property. They’re an affordable option that easily stays within your budget.

Exterior Brick and Stone Walls

Walls a provide a solution for sloping landscape where erosion can occur. They’re also great additions for patios and areas where family and friends gather. Walls made of stone provide unmatched durability and blend in well with the rest of the yard. You can have your brick and stone walls designed to suit your personal taste and style. There are many types of stone and brick walls to choose from which allows you to get as creative as you want to be. Contact a Cold Contracting builder today. We can sit down with you to find out what type of wall needs you have and then construct the perfect wall for your home.

If you are looking for a masonry expert in Toronto then please call 416-782-2658 or complete our online request form.