Innovative Condo Renovations in Toronto

Condo Renovations

At Colt Contracting we specialize in complete interior and exterior condo renovations. We are certified Toronto renovation contractors and licensed in all types of condo structures and can perform a wide variety of services that include kitchens, bathrooms, masonry, flooring, landscape construction and whole interior reconstruction. We offer fast, efficient service, high quality craftsmanship, and competitive rates. Contact us today and let our contractors help you design a condo interior that will transform your old rooms into a fresh new environment. We have helped dozens of condo owners with their renovation projects and we can help you.

Comprehensive Service From Start To Finish

One of the benefits of hiring Colt Contracting for your condo renovation, is that you get complete service through every phase of construction. We begin by gathering your ideas and the vision your want for your condo. We can help you put all the components together in order to create a sleek cohesive that is all your own. We do everything from flooring to walls, ceiling designs, cabinets, counter tops, appliance installation, and even rewiring and plumbing. You never have to hire another contractor in order to complete the work. With Colt Contracting one company can do it all for you.

Tenant Improvements For Your Condo

If you own several condos that you rent out, then you know the hassle of going through the transition process from tenant to another. At Colt Contracting we make tenant improvements easier than ever. With a full line of services we will have your condos ready for your upcoming rentals in no time at all. We know that timing and efficiency is everything so that you don’t lose a day of business. We, therefore, work fast without sacrificing quality so that you can move your tenants in quickly. No matter how bad the condition of your condo is in, we can restore it back to looking like new.

Landscape Construction

In addition to our distinguished interior service, we also provide full landscape work for all condo owners in Toronto. From florals and greenery to patios, sidewalks, lighting, and so much more, tell us what you want and let our crew build it for you. You can keep your design simple or lush with elegant designs. We have everything you need to enhance your condo in the front or the back. Our goal is to help your condos stand out with creative concepts and attractive features for all plant life and hardscapes.

If you are looking for a landscape construction expert in Toronto then please call 416-782-2658 or complete our online request form.